Feld während der Ernte
wanting more


Foeniculum vulgare

FenchelCeleriac Radishes 


Zu diesen Erntezeiten ist Ihr Lieblingsgemüse am frischesten.

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Vergleichen Sie die Erntezeiten unserer Gemüsekulturen.


Fennel is sown between March and June, usually in a greenhouse. After six weeks, the fennel is planted outside in grooves covered with nonwoven. It needs to be spaced around 30-40 cm apart and prefers a warm, sunny location. The soil should also be rich in nutrients. Fennel must be sufficiently watered and can be harvested from August.


Fennel contains a lot of vitamin C and provitamin A. The characteristic fennel smell and taste comes from oleum foeniculi, an essential oil.


First, the fennel needs to be washed. The ends of the stalk and root and the leaves are removed. The outer layer should also be removed, as it is dry. The fennel usually then needs to be washed again, as a lot of sand tends to accumulate between the layers. Fennel can be eaten raw, boiled, sautéed and even on bread.


Wrapped in cling film, fennel can be stored in the fridge for one to two weeks.