Enjoyment needs reliability.


Guaranteed food safety is everyone's favourite.

Our vegetables are subject to strict quality controls from the very beginning. The seedlings come from a selected growing company just nearby – the outstanding quality of all our plants is guaranteed. Our in-house agricultural scientists and engineers constantly check and assess the plants. Systematic quality control makes it possible to document a product's entire journey –from the seedling to the precise time of harvesting, all the way to delivery to retailers. Quality is our top priority, both before and after the harvest. In vacuum refrigeration plants, the vegetables are cooled to a core temperature of 2°C within just an hour. The two modern refrigeration plants have a capacity of up to 90 pallets per hour. Just six hours after harvest at the most, the vegetables are on their way to the consumer. That is what we mean by harvest-fresh quality. The business has been certified in accordance with the QS and GLOBALGAP guidelines since April 2004. This guarantees that the goods can be comprehensively traced, from the supermarket shelf all the way back to the field.

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QS helps all businesses involved to establish professional self-monitoring and documentation. Combined with regular audits by neutral institutes, the system ensures that, with the certification, we meet all the statutory provisions and additional important food safety criteria.

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GLOBALGAP is a privately-run organisation that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products worldwide. The goal is to establish a standard for good agricultural practice, which is used with various product applications for all agriculture, all over the world. GLOBALGAP is what is known as a “pre-farm-gate standard”. This means that the certificate covers the entire product process, from sowing or feeding to all subsequent agricultural activities, all the way to the time of delivery. GLOBALGAP is a business-to-business brand and therefore not directly visible for consumers. The GLOBALGAP certification is conducted by more than 100 independent and recognised certification bodies in more than 80 countries. It is open to all producers worldwide. GLOBALGAP organises annual company audits for producers, as well as additional unannounced checks. GLOBALGAP consists of a series of normative documents, including the general GLOBALGAP regulations, the GLOBALGAP control points and fulfilment criteria, and the GLOBALGAP checklist.

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GRASP stands for GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice and is an optional additional module for immediate use. It was developed in order to provide an estimation of the social practices in an agricultural business. It looks at specific aspects of occupational safety, health protection and the social concerns of staff.

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Tesco NURTURE (Nature's Choice) is an agricultural production standard that is only applied to the import of fresh fruit and vegetables to Great Britain. Companies that meet the requirements of Tesco NURTURE are permitted to supply their products to the British supermarket chain Tesco. Nurture demands that all suppliers and producers ensure that the fruit and vegetables they supply are grown under the most environmentally-friendly, responsible and sustainable conditions possible. The Tesco NURTURE criteria are listed in the Code of Practice.

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The "Regionalfenster" (regional window) for foods, flowers and ornamental plants is ensuring increased transparency throughout Germany: Since the beginning of 2014, consumers have been able to purchase products labelled with the "Regionalfenster". Thanks to this information box, consumers can see at a glance where the ingredients originate from and where they have been processed.

The Regionalfenster facilitates the conscious purchase and recognition of regional food. In the declaration field, the origin of the main ingredients of a product and its processing location are stated. An annual independent inspection guarantees that this information, the ingredients and the location of processing declared in the Regionalfenster is reliable. By purchasing regional products, you support the agricultural trade and the processing structure within the respective region.

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