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Vegetables are our


For us, vegetables are the start of everything.

When consumers pick up harvest-fresh vegetables or salad in a German supermarket, there is a good chance that the products come from Mählmann Gemüsebau. We have been growing vegetables here in Oldenburger Münsterland since 1983 – with great success. The proximity to the North Sea creates a maritime climate. A slight breeze blows constantly and the fields are flat – ideal conditions for growing vegetables of very special quality. Our main products include broccoli and iceberg lettuce – two of the most popular varieties of vegetable among consumers. Social developments and changing eating habits mean that production of lamb's lettuce and baby spinach, for example, is growing all the time. But other vegetables are all but unbeatable in terms of freshness and quality, too. Product-specific growing in the ideal soil for each variety, balanced fertilisation based on target values and scientific soil analyses, and strict quality control of the products guarantee the best possible results. Today, we are among Germany's largest vegetable growers. Top-class product quality, our legendary flexibility and our extraordinary range of services are advantages that benefit both food retailers and consumers – throughout Europe. Our motto: freshness and quality are everything. We harvest to order, with around 800 harvest hands working around the clock during the main season, from March to November. If we receive your order by 6 pm, you can be certain that our harvest-fresh products will be in your shop ready for the start of business the following morning.

Milestones at Mählmann Gemüsebau

Company founded

We have been growing vegetables here in Oldenburger Münsterland since 1983 – with great success. Today, we are among Germanys largest vegetable growers. The first permanent employee of Mählmann Gemüsebau was Willi Mählmann. He was followed by Johannes Gerken on 1st April 1996.

Farm shop and packing station

This year, a farm shop and packing station were introduced at Mählmann Gemüsebau.

First hall built

Wolfgang Mählmann built the first hall in 1988.

Range expanded

Lettuce and spring onions were added to the range.

New farm shop opened

The new farm shop replaced the sales space built in 1984 and remained in business until 2006.

New GPS satellite technology

When consumers pick up harvest-fresh vegetables or salad in a German supermarket, there is a good chance that the products come from Mählmann Gemüsebau. From early March, we use state-of-the-art machines to plant selected varieties in the highest quality every day. In-house agricultural scientists and trained staff fertilise and care for the plants. Since 2002, Mählmann Gemüsebau has measured all its sites with GPS satellite technology. Various steering systems were tested over the years that followed.

Tractors can be steered automatically

Since 2004, we have been able to steer multiple tractors automatically via satellite. Also in 2004, a hall for nonwoven and packaging materials was built at the nearby Hogen Brink site.

Building complex built

The well-being of every single member of staff is important to Wolfgang Mählmann. That is why, in 2006, he built a complex for 250 staff at the Hogen Brink site. A second hall for storing machinery was also built there.

Award, construction work

In 2006, Wolfgang Mählmann was named businessman of the year by Oldenburger Münsterland, in recognition of his successful work.
A second accommodation and a production and packing hall for French beans was also built. Mählmann Gemüsebau began growing French beans in the same year. 

25th anniversary

In 2009, Mählmann Gemüsebau celebrated its 25th anniversary. A new office building was also built that year.

Construction of the Desum site

In 2011 construction began of the Desum site (storehouse for irrigation, seedling transfer). In addition the cultivation of rocket began.

Construction of preparation hall

A preparation hall for baby leaf, baby spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce, celery and swede was built in 2012. In the same year, Mählmann Gemüsebau began growing baby leaf, baby spinach and lambs lettuce.

Production line

In 2103, a production line for rocket and one for radishes was built. Radish growing began, in perfect timing with the construction of the production line.

Construction of new accommodation

Another accommodation for 500 staff was built in 2014.


Christian Mählmann joined the Executive Board this year.
The new construction and expansion of the workshop, recreation rooms and washing hall also began. A new brake test bench and packaging hall were built. In 2015, Mählmann Gemüsebau began growing fennel bulbs, romanesco and Crispana®.

Construction of a new preparation hall for rocket

2016 will see the construction of a new preparation hall for rocket and the introduction of the Blattwerk® brand with the following products: baby kale, baby leaf, baby spinach, kale, lambs lettuce and rocket.

Two new production lines

New production lines to process spring onions and red radish were developed and put into operation. Within the framework of a cooperation with the national association of beekeepers Weser-Ems e.V., we have developed the concept "beefriendly" for bee protection: we create flowered areas and set up nesting boxes for honeybees and wild bees every year.

New production hall

In our new production hall, which was completed and put into operation in 2018, we are now processing broccoli, pointed cabbage, chinese cabbage, mini romana lettuce and pak choi. So we are currently owning 10 state-of-the-art packaging lines.

Construction works

In 2019 we are going to build a new packaging line for baby leaf. Furthermore we will invest in a state-of-the-art water treatment system in order to purify the washing water of the vegetables. In addition we will expand the irrigation capacity and install weather stations on the production areas. Moreover the irrigation software "rain dancer" will be implemented.